July 18

Today we rented a car and the five of us drove around the island. First, we had breakfast at the hotel, of course. We stopped at the famous Belvedere lookout and took some pictures. Very cool view of the twin bays of Oponohu and Cook's Bay. That was when the car overheated. We called the car company for a new car but instead they sent 2 service people who simply filled the radiator with more water and said it was ok. Who knows, it might have been. My dad was not pleased though, so we went back to the hotel (it was still only 10am) and asked for a different car. They were out, so we phoned Avis and they sent a car over. By 11am we were back on the road.

At 12:30 we stopped at a really cool restaurant called Le Bateau which is a restaurant with a floating barge in it. We had a lovely lunch and drinks then got back on the road and completed the tour of the island returning back to the hotel around 2pm. Then we took Jonah back home for a nap.

At 6pm we went back to the hotel, dropped the kid off with his grandparents and took the rental car for a evening tour of the island and dinner for Kate and I alone. A very enjoyable evening was had, we hope, by all (I know Kate and I had a lovely time).