July 16

This morning was very relaxing. Jonah woke up at his usual ungodly hour of 6am and woke us up. Somehow we managed to convince him to leave us sleep and go play in the saloon. This usually does not work but this morning he must have sensed we were very tired. Or something.

When he came in our cabin again it was 7am and he sweetly asked if he could watch one of his new videos - yesterday he picked up a bounty of new videos from Grandma Barbara (yet more are coming in a package to the hotel with videos from Gammy, my mom). He has been dying to watch "El Dorado" a new Disney-like video (from Dreamworks). At 8:45 we were on our way in the dink to the hotel for a buffet breakfast, followed by some beach play and more pool time! Phew, it was an exhausting morning.

After lunch, which was at 1pm, we returned home to the boat with Jonah and put him in for a nap, during which time I napped as well. Jonah awoke before me at 4pm and Kate let him watch more of his new movie. I slept till about 5:30 and then we dressed and dinghied back to the hotel for dinner! Did I mention Phew? A rough life indeed! Dinner was lovely and afterwards Kate and I came home and Jonah went back to the room with Jon and Barb (Yipeee!). It is now 9pm local time and I am writing this journal. Afterwards we'll do the email and then to bed! We may even sleep past 7am tomorrow without our human alarm clock to wake us.