July 15

Today my dad and step-mom arrived - Jon and Barb - and checked in to the Sheraton Moorea Lagoon. Since they flew all night we let them rest a bit and went over to the hotel around 2pm by dinghy. The water between us and the hotel is very shallow with coral heads everywhere, though we managed to avoid running onto any of them. We found Jon and Barb at the pool and Jonah ran to them giving each one a huge screaming hug - he was very excited to see them. We swam in the pool a bit, lounged a bit then went back to their room for a rest before an early dinner. The hotel is lovely with most rooms consisting of over-the-water bungalows. Jonah immediately ran for the bathroom and screamed he wanted to take a bath, so we let him take a bath, or two. We watched CNN for a bit then walked down the pier (with rooms on each side) to the bar and had a drink then off to the poolside grill for dinner. Tough life, huh?

The real adventure of the day came next. The dinghy ride back to the boat was a bit tense. Of course, it was day when we left the boat so no lights were on. There are about 6 or 8 other boats anchored near us, but we couldn't see any of them either. Yours truly picked a poor course way to far from the shore and soon we were scraping over coral heads with no idea where the boat was. In fact, we were too far from shore and we had gone way past where the boats were. We turned to shore and aimed for another boats anchor light which we figured must be near our boat since all the boats are fairly close together. Sure enough, we soon came up on the stern of "Renegade" (Paul and Natalie had just been over for a visit yesterday afternoon after we arrived). They shone a light on our boat for us when Kate asked "Have you seen a ketch around here?" and we made right for it. Finally. Phew. Its hard to lose a 50ft boat, but leave it to me, I can do it!