July 13

Today was our last full day in Tahiti - tomorrow we move over to Moorea. We will anchor in Cook's Bay near the Sheraton Moorea Lagoon, though we don't know how close we will be able to get. My father and step-mom (Jon and Barb) are coming on Sunday morning for the week.

The saga of the generator who wouldn't run continued this week. The new generator end finally came from the USA and was the correct model (60hz). The Australian one I got last month which was 50hz and thus unusable for us is sitting in the FedEx office collecting dust. We paid $250US for it and they want $600US to ship it back to Australia! I asked the nice lady to let me leave it there for a day and I don't think I will go back to get it. I tried to find an Aussie or European (they use 50hz power) who might want it but no luck.

Anyway, the new generator end came and it was missing the shaft to which the pulley attaches! I figured we could remove the shaft from the original one and use it with the new one. It was not to be. It seems the original unit had the shaft an integral part of the rotor. It could not be removed. The machine shop here is excellent and I brought it to them yesterday morning and by today at 3pm they had a new shaft machined and installed. It is now 9pm and I am still in the process of installing it, but so far so good. Lets hope it actually works (if I were a betting man I would bet against it working, but I am also a pessimist).

The next entry will be in the Ship's Log on our voyage to Moorea. We think we can cover the massive distance involved in less then a week. It is, after all, nine miles away so we MAY EVEN have trouble finding it. Just kidding.