July 9

This morning I tried to figure out why the washing machine power outlet is dead. Strangely, I tested it with my meter and it was not dead. It read 121v A/C and appeared normal. I then turned on the washer and it did not work. Very strange. I then shut off the washer and tested the voltage and it was still 121vac. Next I left the multi-meter connected to the lower socket and the washer plugged into the upper outlet (it's a standard 2 socket outlet like in a home) and had Kate turn on the washer. Sure enough, the moment she turned it on the voltage dropped to 2v. Not good. Next I plugged the washer into an extension cord and ran it to the outlet under the nav desk (also a standard home 2 socket 120v outlet). The machine worked normally and the other, unused socket, in the same outlet still read 120vac.

Something is very wrong with the other outlet. Clearly when you try to draw power from it this causes a drop to 2v. I have no idea what could cause this, but I guess the first step is to take apart the outlet and look for any obviously loose wires. Other then that I am at a loss. I will try to find someone on another boat who has more experience with 120vac power and see what they might have to offer in the way of diagnostic suggestions. The important thing, however, is that the machine works and we are getting our laundry done! Yippeee!