June 15

Not much going on lately. We have managed to relax a bit and find some time to unwind. We have no news on our transmission since it was removed from the boat last Friday. Today being Saturday it has been one week so far. Monday is (yet another) Fijian national holiday so we will not even be able to get a status report from the mechanics working on it till Tuesday.

All we have done in the last few days is relax by the pool at the hotel next door. It really is a lovely place to be stranded, and, Jonah has had plenty of fun riding his bicycle around (which I assembled on Tuesday) and playing with the other kids here. There are several boats with kids here including one called "Mollie" which is the home of Ken and Louise and their daughter, Mollie. She and Jonah get along wonderfully and spend hours in the pool playing.

Tomorrow we have a big event scheduled - in the morning we are going for a ride on the Fiji Jet boat. The jet boat is the same as the one in New Zealand on the Shotover River (in Queenstown) which we went on last December while we were down there with my mom who was visiting. The boat seats about 9 passengers and one pilot. The ride is very wet and fast and, in New Zealand, heart stopping. We will see if the ones here in Fiji compare well.