June 11

We had a nice day today. Not much in the morning for me, I filled tanks, took a nap around noon and had leftover Chinese fish (in chili sauce) for lunch. We had guests for dinner last night - the crews of "Pez Vela" and "Blue Yonder" came over. Kate, however, had a big morning. She went out fishing with Markus and Chris (in my place) and she hooked a nice Dogtooth Tuna! By 7:30am they were back here at the boat filleting it! Kate's first fish (see June photos next month where it will be featured prominently).

At 2pm we went diving again. This time Markus and Dave snorkeled and Kate and I dove scuba alone. We had a really nice dive and saw a ton of anemones. Previously we have only seen one or two here and there but we found a spot today with about 20 all clustered around at about 120ft. Very cool. Most did not have clown fish (anemone fish) but a few did. They remind me of aquariums my father used to keep when I was a kid. The clown fish were always my favorite.

In the afternoon we just relaxed, read books, and filled scuba tanks. We had a simple plain pasta for supper and will go to be early. We are planning to leave Makemo on Wednesday morning. Our next stop will be Tahanea Atoll, about 50 miles to the West. Unfortunately, weather reports are indicating high winds starting tomorrow evening through Thursday or possibly the weekend so we may delay and stay here till it blows over. The wind is not a big problem for sailing, but the anchorage at Tahanea is not as well protected as the one we are in now and we would hate to leave a comfy place like this and wind up somewhere bouncy for no reason. We have plenty of time and do not need to get to Tahiti till July 5th or thereabouts.