June 8

It's Tuesday today and at 7:30am it is pouring rain. The last few days have been nice enough, but the winds have been a bit breezy, at least breezy enough to make scuba diving off the activity list. Generally we like to see it below 15k for diving outside the reef and it has been in the 15-18 or even 20k range for several days now, since the 5th.

Yesterday we went ashore with Jonah to do a science experiment. We started 3rd grade science the other day and the first thing was about craters and meteorites. We did an experiment with 3 sizes of rocks and dropped them into soft sand from different heights and measured the results. We talked about the scientific method, making a hypothesis and then trying to prove it. We found that larger rocks which hit at higher speeds caused larger, deeper craters. Jonah was fascinated and loved it. Afterwards he spent much time looking at his 'data' and saying "want to look at my data mom?" He was sooo cute!

I have no idea what we will do today. This rain looks like more then a squall. We are getting about 25-28k of wind now with the rain, which is fun, so you have the howling sound with the stuffing no air feeling of being closed in. I am going topside now to have another look. Perhaps it is just a passing squall. Hmmm, solid gray in all directions. The wind is back to 15-20k now. It changes that quickly. Maybe it will be a movie watching kind of day. We have a new DVD we still haven't watched.