June 7

Today was a great day here in paradise. In the morning though, I had to help another boat extricate their anchor from a coral head. It was in about 33ft and was stuck fast. I had all my scuba gear on deck so I hopped in and pulled it loose for him. I noticed our anchor was just as badly stuck and I am sure we will have a hard time getting it out when we leave here.

In the afternoon we dove the pass again. Marcus drove the dinghy and Chris, Kate, myself and Dave from "Blue Yonder" dove. The coral here is outrageous and the fish life is incredible. We even saw a school of Yellowfin Tuna in the water, but after the dive Marcus, Dave and myself went back out to try to catch some and struck out. We also, as usual, saw several sharks, tons of grouper, barracuda, and assorted other fish.

This evening we are making Thai curry with canned beef (from Brazil) because our frozen meats are running low. We really need to catch another tuna, we ate the last of the frozen tuna we caught on Nuka Hiva last night.

Tomorrow we will dive again in the pass and in the morning Marcus, Dave and I will go out and try again for some fish. There are Wahoo in these waters also which are absolutely fabulous to eat, though I have not caught one myself.