June 2

Today we moved across the lagoon and anchored behind a little motu (small islet) on the Eastern edge of the lagoon. It is very beautiful here and the water is crystal clear. There are coral heads everywhere and tons of fish. There are about 6 other boats here and this evening we had a beach barbeque and bon fire! Jonah had a great time playing with hermit crabs with Hanna the little English girl from "Attitude".

Tomorrow we have so work to do, like fix the windvane which broke again on the way to the Tuomotus last week. We haven't had a chance to do it as the anchorage at the village was a bit bouncy. Here it is flat calm even though a nice wind is blowing because we are so close to the reef which shelters the lagoon.

I am really tired so I am going to go to sleep as soon as I send email.