May 30

So its May 30th and we are still here in Suva. Our transmission has been fixed since Tuesday afternoon, but yesterday we could not leave as we had to clear out with customs, shop for vegetables, and run a few other errands in the AM, and since we are heading for Kandavu, we have to leave in the morning so we can arrive before nightfall. Alas, this morning it is raining cats and dogs. It is now noon and it is raining even harder then before with no signs it will let up today. Either way, as I said, we need a morning departure so today is already shot. Tomorrow is our next hope.

Needless to say Kate and I are anxious to go since we have been stuck here almost three weeks now. Also, when we arrived we were at the head of the "pack" (the fleet of cruising boats heading North from NZ). Now we are smack in the middle of it with about 30 boats anchored in front of the Yacht Club - when we arrived there were only 4. Of the dozen or so crews I have spoken with, most say they are going to visit Kandavu after leaving Suva, so we are anxious to get moving before the place if filled with boats. One boat which arrived two days before us already went to Kanduva and came back to Suva (to pick up reefer parts) and he reported being the only boat there!

Well, it was a good thing it turned out since we had been also hoping to get a part from the staysail furler repaired (welded), but it wasn't ready yesterday, and they didn't know when it would be. I asked them to just ship it to Musket Cove Yacht Club at Malololailai which is a lovely place that is very friendly to yachties, and they let you use them as a mail drop (our new inverter is also being shipped to Musket Cove). Anyway, since we were stuck another day I called them up and it was ready! So I picked it up, looks great. Haven't tried to install it yet. Hope it still fits.