May 21

Yesterday we moved the boat over to the Yacht Club's dock. They happened to have a 35ft section of dock available (another boat which, coincidentally, also had transmission trouble had just vacated) and we side tied to it with our bow sticking out. No problem. In the afternoon we went to the movies and saw the new Star Wars, Episode II. It was awesome, as have been all the Star Wars movies since 1977 when the original came out. We have the tapes of all 4 of the previous Star Wars films and Jonah watches them over and over again. He loves Star Wars and of course was in hog heaven watching Episode II.

This morning a mechanic came by and removed the rear housing (reduction housing) from our transmission. The rear oil seal is in the reduction housing and the guy took it back to the shop to install the new seal. Of course, he doesn't know yet if he can get the right seal, here in Suva (as they say, if you can't get it in Suva, you can't get it in Fiji). If not it has to be shipped in from NZ which will take 2-3 days. We are hoping it is available locally. If so, we should have our transmission back together by tomorrow, then we can leave Suva on Thursday. Yipee!

In the afternoon I removed the inverter. It was quite a job. I'm going to bring it tomorrow to a local electronics guy in the hope he can find what is wrong with it. We'll see. Otherwise I have to ship it back to the US which will take a month or two!