May 18

It's Saturday morning in Suva. We have been here exactly one week now. I must say it went by quickly. Today we are going to attempt to get to the inverter behind the aft head medicine cabinet. The entire cabinet has to come out and of course all its contents have to be removed first. We may have trouble since the sink spout extends vertically right in front of the cabinet. I suspect the cabinet was installed before the sink fixture. I am not excited about the possibility of having to remove it as well.

Of course, once we get access to the inverter we have very few options. The tech support people at Xantrex (who purchased Statpower last year) advised that if the problem is not wiring I could try some reset switch on the chassis which they described the location of (of course this switch is not mentioned in the users manual or any other document which came with the unit). I am not optimistic.

There are some electronic places here in Suva which claim to be able to repair such things, but I suspect they would need schematic drawings of the circuits which I do not have. All the cruising books tell you to bring such things with you - ship manuals, schematics, technical drawings, repair manuals, etc. - for this type of situation. We have quite a collection of such documentation for almost every item aboard. But to create a comprehensive library of such documents would be quite time consuming and would have had to be done back home. Anyway, I might take it out and bring it to one of them and see if they can get it to work.