May 18

Today I went fishing with Marcus and Nick (from Attitude) in Attitude's dinghy. We went out around 5:30am and when we were near the Easternmost point of the bay we started trolling. By the time we were about a half mile off we started heading East along the North coast. Within 15 minutes we started getting hits. The first 3 were just nibbles and whatever was biting got off. I had the next hit and this one didn't get off. As I was reeling in my fish Nick just dropped his lure in the water and immediately got a strike (by this time Marcus had stopped the dinghy and we were drifting, so we must have been right in a school).

After I pulled in the first Yellowfin Tuna Nick pulled his in. We now had 2 Yellowfin tuna in the boat and decided that was enough so we started heading back. We stopped near the point so Marcus could cast a few toward the rocks and he hooked something decent but it went deep and the line chafed through (on a rock most likely). No idea what it was, Marcus thought it was probably a Jack. After that we went back to the Queen Jane to fillet the fish and bag it. A nice haul I must say and we will all be eating fresh fish for several days (or longer - we put some of ours in the freezer for the lean times).

About an hour later we all went scuba diving. We left Jonah on Attitude with Claire and she took him ashore to do her laundry. When we returned Jonah said he had a great time doing the laundry! Weird how the silliest things are amusing to him! The dive was nice, we saw a whole squadron of Spotted Eagle Rays right at the start of the dive. The current however, was quite strong and Kate and I went a bit to far North along the point and got caught in it and had a tough swim back against the current for the second part of the dive. Lots and lots of fish however and the visibility was pretty good (though not as good as it will be in the Tuomotus!). Then we came back to the boat and hauled out our new compressor and started filling tanks! Not a bad day all in all!