May 16

We're outta here! This morning we woke and even though we had planned to go see the just opened, newly released movie "The Matrix Reloaded" we looked outside, looked at the weather charts on our spiffy wireless internet connected computer and decided to go. Screw the movie, so we'll see it on a small screen in 6 months instead of on a big screen. We don't like to leave in the afternoon, it just doesn't give you time to get in the groove before the first night comes especially since this is our first passage in six months. We can't pass up the extra 24hr progress we could make considering how volatile the weather is.

In a few moments I will go up to the office and turn in our keys and our internet antenna then come back to the boat and stow the shore power cord and we're ready to rock. New friends Sam and Karen on "Rhapsodie" have decided to wait one more day. They believe the sea will benefit from a day of moderate weather to calm down. We think taking advantage of the favorable wind conditions (i.e. none) is more important. They also have 2 almost-teenage boys and they have promised them they would get to see the movie today, so they have that additional pressure I suspect.

Beginning today we will be updating the "Ship's Log" as well as writing more regular personal journals so stick around.