May 16

Today was our last full day at Taiohae Bay and we were very busy. In the morning I dropped off Kate and Jonah at the pier so they could shop for vegetables again. It was Wednesday and there were fisherman on the pier selling fresh fish - just point to the fish you want and tell them how to cut it. I got one half of a Yellowfin Tuna (aka Ahe) and he filleted it for me very quickly. I took the fish back to the boat and cut it into three large pieces and put two of them in the freezer and the third in the fridge for dinner.

I then went back to the pier and walked to the store to meet Kate and help carry the groceries. We stopped at the bank to get some more money - no more banks in the Tuomotus. But then there are no stores either...

After we got the food back to the boat I dinghied over to the fuel dock (a separate concrete pier with huge black rubber pieces and truck tires as fenders) to fill more jerry jugs with Diesel. We don't want to bring the boat to the fuel dock because it is very dangerous there with the concrete pier and swell which is always present there. Not to mention what those huge black rubber things would do to our hull!

In the afternoon while Jonah napped, I went into town and walked to the hardware store to see if I could buy a few more jerry jugs to use for gasoline. Now that we have the dive compressor we will need more gas then we are now carrying. Originally we only planned to use gas for the dinghy outboard. I managed to find 2 2.5 gallon jugs - half the size as our others, but better then nothing. It is supposed to be impossible to find gas in the tuomotus (or diesel) so we want to bring as much as we can.

After that I cleaned up the decks and lashed down the diesel jugs, then went back to the fuel dock in the dinghy to fill up the new gas jugs! Kate meanwhile took Jonah over to Calyptus to play one last time with Victor. Surprisingly he did not show and sadness at our leaving. Perhaps this is because we usually see the same boats and people at each place we go, so I think he expects to see Victor again. Alas, it will not be so. Raoul and Claire will be heading for Papeete in August, several weeks after we leave there. After that they are heading for Australia. But who knows, someday we may meet again.

After I lashed down the gas jugs I went back to the town pier to pick up Kate and Jonah. Claire and Victor were with them and we all went back to Calyptus for a farewell drink (Raoul made "Paunch" - a French concoction of Rum, sugar and lemon juice, very strong). Then back to the Queen Jane for dinner (Jonah had grilled cheese sandwich and Kate and I had Tuna in Saffron and Garlic Aoili with String Beans and Leeks, and rice of course. Jonah is ready for stories and its my turn, so I must say Bon Nui and Au Revoir.