May 13, 2005

Today is Friday and we are finally, almost, just about ready to leave Kavieng. Weíve been here about three weeks which is only about 10 days longer then we planned to stay. We are all feeling better now and whatever fever we had is gone. I donít think it was really malaria, though it is hard to know since we get so much different information from the people we speak to. In the end, we may never know.

Other then being ill, the main thing that has kept us here is waiting for a piece of hose we need to replace on the generator. The exhaust hose is melted and about to fall off. It was damaged when we ran it for several days without water due to a plastic bag stuck in the intake. Of course, I noticed it running a bit hot but didnít realize how bad it was. We happened to be poking around in that area 2 weeks ago when we found the exhaust hose (leading from the engineís exhaust pipe to the muffler) in a sorry condition. It took quite a while to get the right hose here and in the end the hose we got is not exactly right but should suffice for the next few months before we reach Australia. Of course, I have not inspected the rest of the hose (from the muffler to the exhaust port at the back of the boat).

In the meanwhile we have been shopping for all the foods we need for the next two months and are well stocked now and ready to go. This afternoon I am going to install the new exhaust hose and in the morning we will go to the vegetable market one last time to see what we can get. We have been going crazy with orange juice which we squeeze ourselves from local oranges which are incredibly juicy. We pay about 13 cents an orange and with 6 or 7 we can get about a quart. Very tasty.