May 11

Today we went on a land excursion to visit some of the archeological sites in the interior of the island and also visited a bay on the North coast of the island called Hatihue. We went with Chris and Markus from Pez Vela and an English woman (Claire) and her two kids (William and Hanna). Our driver Andy spoke a bit of English but had little information to offer on the historical and archaeological aspects of the sites we visited. He did however take us to a nice spot for picking bananas and we each came away with a huge stalk!

The archaeological sites were especially fascinating. They consisted of stone platforms called Pae Pae arranged geometrically around a central field of grass and were covered with (recently re-constructed) wood and pandanus roofs and looked a bit like a lean-to. We were back at Taiohae by 3pm.

This morning I ordered a dive computer from Papeete, it should arrive here on Monday or Tuesday. My dive computer gave up the ghost the other day. This is especially annoying since I had it serviced and a new battery installed (at the factory) before we left Seattle last year. We also found out today our generator parts are in Papeete (Tahiti) and should be on the island by Monday as well.