May 7 

Here we are. Still in Australia. I'm not surprised frankly. Kate is. We hope to get going any day now, if only we had a break in the weather! Not only are we in a strong Easterly/Southeasterly pattern, its also raining and blowing like stink every day! This is not so bad for me as you might think, I've been laying in bed moaning the last 3 days with a respiratory infection, cold, coughing, stuffy head, etc., etc. So I haven't really cared how shitty it was outside. I'm feeling much better today though and tomorrow I will be up and around. There are a few last minute items we've never cleared up, like dumping another few gallon of diesel in the tanks (we have 3 jerry jugs of 6USG each and all I have to do is empty those into the tank and go have them refilled at a local gas station.

The weather report shows a possible calming starting late Friday or early Saturday. We may go then. To soon to tell now, the forecast that far out (3 or 4 days) is iffy at best. Tomorrow I may have a better picture.