May 3

Last night around sunset, a boat pulled in and anchored next to us with a couple and a small boy. We waved to them hello and they waved. In the morning Jonah and I rowed over in the dinghy to introduce ourselves. Jonah was very excited to show the boy his Megazord and when we got there we found that although they are French both husband and wife spoke excellent English! Unfortunately the child, Victor, did not speak any English. That did not stop them from playing together however.

We invited them over for a visit and they said they would love to, after they had a swim which is apparently their morning ritual. When Jonah saw the little boy in the water with his father he agreed to go in with me. They then swam over and we all had a fun time swimming about the boat. And even Jonah, who has been so far not thrilled about swimming from the boat (although he has no problem at the beach) admitted he enjoyed it. So far he has claimed he would not swim in deep water because of octopus and jellyfish which he feared would attack him in deep water.

After a nice swim they went back to their boat, dressed and came to visit in their dinghy. The two boys managed to bridge the communication gap with action figures and were soon playing happily. The two women (Kate and Claire) were chatting busily about schooling (Claire is a school teacher on Nuka Hiva). Raul then noticed my (so far unused) spear gun and we were off in his dinghy to bag some lunch.

Of course, seeing as how my spear fishing experience is limited I did not manage to spear one fish, though I took shots and two or three. Raul managed to snag 2 small fishes and one nice Jack of about 10-15lbs. We then proceeded to have a nice lunch (even Marcus and Chris dropped by) Raul filleted the fish and I cooked it. I did manage to get some practice loading the spear gun which above water was something I had great difficulty doing. As everyone said, it is far easier in the water. Next time I am sure I will bag one.

We may go with them this afternoon to see the village, it looks very cute from the water with just a few traditionally thatched buildings and a nice pink church.