April 28

Well it looks like we are all set to go. Today is Monday and we are now planning to shove off Wednesday morning. The weather forecast is showing a day or two of calm followed by 3 days of Southerly winds. This should allow us to get far enough East away from Australia to be able to angle NE by the time the wind changes back to the prevailing Southeasterly. 

We have a few last minute items to take care of like packing up our sun awning (which also functions as a rain awning allowing us to keep the hatches open while raining) and lashing down some things which are stored on deck (oars for dinghy, gas cans, etc.) Tomorrow we will get a rental car and drive to Brisbane for the last time to visit Customs to obtain an outbound clearance (a document required to enter another country). Then we will do a quick shopping to top off our supplies of toilet paper and vegetables and we are set to go. 

We should take 7 or 8 days to reach Noumea, New Caledonia. However, if the long range forecasts are inaccurate and we get more Easterly winds then anticipated it could take two or even three days longer.