April 11

We got a lot done today. I did anyway, Kate had a migraine all day and even then managed to get something done (updated our med kit's expired meds). I installed the new Clark pump today for the water maker. The pump, which is really a compressor, had to be replaced due to cracking of the high pressure fitting ports. Spectra replaced it for free due to an acknowledged flaw in the interaction between the materials used to make the pump and the pickling (preservative) chemical used to preserve the membrane during periods of inaction. The new pump went in fine with only a minimum of sweating and swearing and seems to be performing perfectly (we tested it for 2 hours at the dock today).

Yesterday I somehow managed to get the solar panel charge controller working again. I just disconnected all the wiring and checked each panel's output separately. Of course they were both working. I reconnected everything and it all just worked. There must have been a loose connection before I disconnected it all. Somewhere.

We're still waiting for our new forestay and our roller furler. The local rigger sent the parts needed to an outfit in Auckland who are the only ones who deal with Navtec rod rigging. They made the forestay and put the furler bits on the stay before it was swaged (headed). But when they sent it back the rigger realized he had forgotten one of the bits which has to go on so he has to send it back to Auckland where they will cut off the old head and fitting, slide on the bit needed for the furler then re-head it again and send it back. Total elapsed time expected: one week.

Otherwise our only other remaining issue of any import is our non-functioning anemometer (wind meter). The cups on the top of the mast are just stuck. Today I went up the mast - Kate operated the anchor windlass which is electric while Jonah tailed the safety halyard (a second line in case the first breaks). But for some reason when I was about 3 feet from the masthead Kate simply could not raise me any higher. I could see there was more room for the line. She says the rope just spun on the winch and made a groaning noise. I don't understand it but we will try again tomorrow. This time I may ask a friend to go aloft while I operate the winch. Other options are to use a different halyard.
't understand it but we will try again tomorrow. This time I may ask a friend to go aloft while I operate the winch. Other options are to use a different halyard.

Then I have to install new bow lights, which I am awaiting delivery one. Then its just a matter of loading all the gear we put in storage when we arrived. We've been loading it a bit at a time for the last week or so. Most of what is left goes in the Stbd cockpit locker which I had to keep clear until the watermaker was installed, which is now done. The sailmaker has our sails since December. He did some minor repairs on the mainsail and the genoa and will deliver them as soon as the roller furler is ready (and help bend them on).

What else? Well, we have to fill our gasoline jugs and lash them and the diesel jugs all down on deck. We have to put the 110v heater element back in the hot water heater (so we can make hot water using our generator - we have a 220v element in there now so we can use dock power while we are at the marina here). That's about it, plus about a dozen other minor things which need stowing away.