March 29, 2005

Itís almost the end of March and we are almost at the season where it is safe to head to the South Pacific. We are at Kapingamarangi Atoll which lies about 64 miles North of the equator at 155 East longitude. Kapinga is lovely but we havenít had much chance to explore since it has been raining practically since the moment we arrived about a week ago. Since then we have been buffeted daily by rain squalls and high winds. We had a half of a nice day yesterday and 3 days ago as well (heavy rain in and squalls in the AM with clearing and some sunshine in the PM). Today however looks like one of those days when it does not clear. Winds were especially strong this morning during two squalls which came through at about 6am and 7am.

We have had time though to explore the village a bit during a break in the rain. We walked around the island, stopping to chat and meet people who would invariably invite us in and offer us drinking coconuts and banana stews, etc. which we tried to tactfully refuse (we donít mind drinking coconuts but most of the food they eat leaves us a bit cold).

Weíve spent some time with Ken and Tracy and their family from the sailing vessel ďMagicĒ who have been living here on Kapinga on and off for almost 4 years now. We met them initially in Pohnpei when they were up for supplies in December/January. At that time we told them we were heading for Palau so they were quite surprised when we showed up here.

Ken and Tracy have 4 kids, one of which, the oldest daughter, is attending school back in Australia. Their second oldest daughter, Ronnie, is 13 and goes to school here on the island as does Beau who is 10 or 11. Their youngest boy is named Manu and is about 2 years old and was born here on Kapinga I think. They are very nice and have been extremely friendly to us.

Thatís about it. We remain hopeful that better weather will come soon, though we are not incredibly optimistic considering the last 4 weeks we have seen perhaps 3 days of sunshine without rain. Until then we remain holed up aboard reading books, playing computer games and watching videos dreaming about scuba diving, snorkeling and beachcombing. On a positive note, we had a guy come by this morning with a bucket full of lobsters which we had asked him to get for us. We got 6 beauties, all at least 1 Ĺ lbs and traded him a bag of brown sugar, two packs of cigarettes and some fishing hooks.