February 23

We're just about ready to leave Majuro again, this time bound for Wojte, we think. We are still not sure, there are 2 other atolls we want to visit and we haven't decided where to go. Wojte is the most likely candidate for several reasons. We are planning now to be back in Majuro by the 25th or 26th. On the 27th is the Coconut Cup race which is a big social event here. The race is unique because they have outrigger canoes competing with yachts, sailboards and sailing dinghies as well! A big party will be held afterwards of course.

Today I have several tasks to accomplish for pre-departure including filling our propane tanks (cooking gas) and topping off the diesel fuel which is not strictly necessary as we are holding plenty now for this trip but our friends on "Wind Runner" won a free diesel drum at the last yacht race and they can't use it all so we are splitting it with them. We also have some food shopping to do, etc. to get ready.

If everything gets done as planned we will be ready to head out to Annemwanot this afternoon where we will spend the night and leave early tomorrow morning. We could be a day late and leave Wed. though. Its 165 miles to Wojte and it should be a good reach there in moderate winds. We have forecasts now for 15k from the NE for the next 5 days which are basically normal conditions.