January 21

Yesterday afternoon we napped and relaxed, catching up on sleep from the night before. I did manage to put on the main sail cover and Kate did a lot of straightening up down below. About 4pm some local guys came buy in an open boat and asked if we wanted to buy lobsters. Of course we said yes, as many as you get and they said they would be by in the AM. They catch them on the reef flats at low tide at night with flashlights - they just grab them.

Anyway, this morning they came by at about 7:15 and had a whole boatload practically. We took six and they had about that many left in the boat plus they had already visited "Dancer" and I know they took 3 also, so apparently there is no shortage here. Unfortunately I was disappointed that 3 of the 6 we got were egg bearing females. I tried to talk to them about not taking the females with eggs but its hard to know if they even understood me their English is very minimal. And even if they understood what I said I have no idea if they understand why, though I tried to explain that as well.

I took 4 of them and just ripped off their tails and plan to use them for dinner tonight. The other two we will boil and eat for lunch with drawn butter! YUM! This morning we are doing school and setting up the dinghy and all that. We also have to put up the cockpit awning.