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A Bit About Jonah

Hello, my name is Jonah A. Bigel and I was born in Bellevue, WA on October 20, 1996. I love movies, computer games, reading, dinosaurs and swords!

My school is our boat and my mom and dad are my teachers. I have just finished third grade. I love to read and have read all of the Harry Potter books several times. I have read most of the Lemony Snicket books and the Mossflower books which I also love. 

I love meeting new kids and making friends. There are always more kids at the next island! I love going snorkeling with my Mom and Dad at wonderful coral reefs. Sometimes we see sharks or stingrays or big fish. 

Sailing is fun when the weather is nice but it sucks when the weather is bad. I love to help my mom and dad sailing. I look out for ships and reefs with my telescope. I donít get seasick that much anymore.

My current favorite toys are Lego and Megazords. My favorite games are Monopoly, Parcheesi and UNO (a card game) and also Connect Four and I play Chess with my dad and even beat him sometimes. I took sailing lessons when we were in Australia last time and it was a lot of fun. We have a sailing dinghy and me and my dad sail it sometimes.

I miss seeing my family but we go home to visit them when we can. Next time I go home to visit my grandpa he is going to take me to get horseback riding lessons!