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Contact Us!


The crew of the Queen Jane can be reached via email no matter where in the world we are using HF Radio based email servers (Ham and Marine SSB). That's also how we update this web site while we are away from land-based internet connections. As you might expect this provides a very slow connection, thus we do not publish our email addresses. Most of you under the age of 30 will probably not recall the days of 300bps modems. HF email is a bit faster then that - but not much. If you would like to contact us, please feel free to send us flat mail at the address shown below. If you include your email address we will contact you via email.

We also accept mail here (queenjane at bigel.net) from people who view our web site. Please note that when we are out cruising in remote areas we cannot check this mail frequently. 

Ham Radio 

Call: KG4JSU

The Queen Jane utilizes ham radio in a number of ways to remain connected to friends, family and (if necessary) professional or medical help. 

Jordan maintains Ham contacts on a variety of nets including on occasion the Pacific Seafarer's Net (14.300 03:00UTC). We also participate in several regional, seasonal SSB nets including the Also II net (8.173mhz at 19:00UTC) and the Shiela Net in Australia on 8.161mhz at 08:00 local time (22:00UT).

Mailing and Packages 

Our mailing address (and legal address) is in Florida, the address is shown below. Please do not send us packages without advising us first. While I don't want to discourage gifts or packages, please coordinate with us in advance to avoid mailing hassles.  

Kate, Jordan and Jonah Bigel

578 Washington Blvd. #472

Marina del Rey, CA 90292

Special Email Instructions!

For those of you who have our radio email address, please note that we CANNOT ACCEPT ATTACHMENTS. We will not get email messages that contain ATTACHMENTS. If you are using our HF Radio email address (either Ham or Marine SSB) please use it CAREFULLY and do not include text from previous messages in a thread - trim your mail!  Every character takes time to receive and it is not unusual for a 3 paragraph message to take 2 or 3 minutes to download.