October 3

Departed Emerald Bay at appx. 5:00pm bound for San Diego. Winds are from the SW at about 2k and seas are very calm. Temperature is in the hi 60s and overcast. After motoring out of the bay the wind increased to 8knots so we set sail and it promptly dropped back to 4k. Needless to say, the motor came on again and has remained on since. It is now 8:20pm local time and we are making 6.8knots over ground with 4k of wind from the South.

At 9pm we saw a very large, unusual vessel. Contact on 16 was made. Passed ahead of us to port. After reviewing COLREGS we (Kate did) determined the vessel was a "Tug-Barge in a Composite Unit".

At appx. 10:15pm a call was put out on 16 to a freighter whose position was give. We plotted the position and it was about 8nm off our stbd bow. The call came from a US aircraft carrier and was informing the freighter that they would be conducting air operations. After the freighter did not answer them 3 times the naval ship said it would stop calling. After checking the radar I noticed large 2 vessels one about 5nm on our port bow the other off our port qtr about 6 miles. I surmised the latter might be the carrier so I called "securite" and informed them of my position, heading and type. They did not respond. I can hear jets nearby and see a ship off the stbd qtr (which is now 18nm off our stern on radar) but cannot make out the shape due to the distance.

At 1:45am we are still motoring in 6k true wind on a heading of 110m. We continue to observe a strict watch for ships as the area is busy with shipping.