October 2

This morning when I went on deck to start the engine to charge the batteries (our generator is not working) I noticed the entire boat surrounded by kelp. It seems the spreader line (used to connect the bow and stern hawsers) had caught under the skeg and rudder and was trapping every clump of kelp that happened by. I had to go in the water again to clear it all so I could unsnag the line from the skeg.

The water is incredibly clear here visibility at least 50 feet. The water temperature read 68.7f on my instruments, so I knew it was not as warm as it was yesterday in White's Cove (where it read 71.5f). And of course, when I first entered I was quite cold. But once I got busy slashing away at the kelp I quickly warmed up. It took some time but I finally managed it though not before losing the sheath to my knife. The depth is only 22 feet, but still too deep for me to free dive considering my lack of practice in the last few years (I used to be able to free dive at least that deep when I was in practice). Having to tank available, I have written it off as lost.