October 1

On today's agenda are two items requiring me to once again venture beneath the Queen Jane: installing the new prop zinc anode (which I failed to do in Avalon Harbor) and checking the knot meter paddle for obstructions (it has read 0.00 since we left Marina Del Rey). Only this time I am going to borrow a tank and regulator from Michael on "Heart Strings". Hopefully the knotmeter will turn out to be simply a dab of seaweed (kelp) stuck in the paddle wheel.

Well, the knotmeter was no trouble just a few brisk strokes with a nylon brush and it was clear. The depth and sonar transducers were also covered with growth. The prop zinc however continues to be a problem. The screw which secures the zinc to the prop nut seems to have been sheared off. The nut will now have to be removed and replaced. We have a spare but the tank I borrowed from Michael had very little air and was quickly depleted.

We are now motoring North West into a wind of about 6k True on our way to Emerald Bay (33 28N 118 32W). We are making about 6.6k over ground. The weather is warm but overcast and the seas are very calm.

We arrived in Emerald Bay at about 3:00pm and picked up a mooring. The current was very strong and it took us three tries to get the hawser on the bow cleat.