December 26

The generator is giving us problems again after we left San Diego convinced we had solved the problem by using our priming pump as an auxiliary feed pump. We will have to address this problem again when we get to Puerto Vallarta.

We left Chacala at 10am in a warm cloudy haze. There is no wind at all and we are motoring South toward Punta de Mita. The sea is very warm at 81.5F and very calm as well. The distance to Punta de Mita is only about 34NM and we expect to arrive there by 3:30pm.

At 3pm we anchored at Punta de Mita in about 24 feet of water. The wind picked up for the last 5 miles or so, but being too lazy to raise the main for such a short time we let out only the genoa and motorsailed the rest of the way in 14k True from the North. We are anchored here in company of about 20 other boats, this being apparently a very popular stopping point.