December 13

Motorsailed through the night making 6.5k toward our goal. In the morning we hoisted all sails and made direct for Cabo Falso in 12-16k True on a heading of 105m. We are making 7.5-8.5k over ground - our fastest sailing ever! Skies are sunny, seas are calm and the water termperature is 74.6f.

At 10am the Queen Jane is now officially going like a bat out of hell. We are making 8.5k over ground and have hit 9.1k on several occasions. We are appx. 25.5nm NW of Cabo Falso heading 103m with winds from the NNW at 13-18k.

At 12:30pm we are approaching Cabo Falso in 15k wind from the NNW. We are making 6k over ground. The crew are in high spirits and are looking forward to arriving in Mexico.