December 11

As of 2am, we've been on a heading of appx. 115m since 9pm last night. Winds were brisk at 15-23k from the NW (330m) allowing us to make 6-7k toward our goal (Cabo). Seas are picking up slightly from flat calm to moderate and are 2-3feet with a 1-3foot swell from the NW. Water temps are also picking up noticibly from a low of 61f in San Diego to 68.5f now at 25.3N.

Between 2 and 5am, during Kate's watch, the wind died. By 6:30 it was 4k and we had to furl the sails. We have been bobbing for almost 3 hours now. The crew's nerves are frayed. We tried to fabricate a replacement fan belt for the fresh water pump but it failed after about 5 minutes. Waiting for wind. If the pattern of the last few days persists we should have wind by late morning.

We sat for 6 hours till 1pm then with a breeze filling in I raised all sails and was moving nicely in 12k True making over 6k. But the wind, as it would again several times this day, proved to be transitory. We lowered sails 30minutes later after the wind had decreased to 4k. By 3pm we had done this 3 times. The wind never coming from its normal seasonal NW direction, always from the West or South West, and always associated with cloud formations and sometimes rain showers.

It is now 5pm and raining with winds from due West at a mere 7k. We are barely making way at 3k, but are glad to be moving. We have fabricated several emergency temporary fan belts for the fresh water pump and will give one a try next time we are totally becalmed (during daylight).

Upon inspection I determined that the water pump belt idler/tensioner pulley had broken off. The pulley was bolted to a thick SS plate that was welded to the Stbd alternator bracket. The plate broke not the weld. It is possible the alignment of the idler pulley was not *perfect*. I also found black belt dust around the area beneath the belt indicating the pulley may not have been properly aligned and the belt had been rubbing on the cheeks of the pulley. Irrelevant now of course, but interesting.

At 9:30pm the wind had shifted uncharacteristicly to the SE and is coming from 160-170m at 12k steady. We are heading upwind making 6k over ground on a heading of approximately 90m due East. Of course, Cabo is at 112m a more South Easterly course.