December 10

Last night we gibed the boat at appx. 2:30am onto an easterly heading of 113. This tack should take us all the way to Bahia Magdelena if the wind holds direction, which I expect it will. The morning finds us sailing 6- 7k in 10-20k True from the NNW appx. 345m. with overcast skies and calm seas with a 1ft swell from the NW.

At 8:30am the wind has moderated to 8-12k still from the NW. We have slowed to about 5k over ground and are moving comfortably. Some sun is visible and the general overcast appears to be in the process of breaking up.

At 9:45 the wind continued to moderate until it was only blowing 7-10k and we were making only 3.5k toward our goal. Started the motor. We are now motorsailing at 1800rpms and making 7k good to our goal.

At 11:30am PST this morning (after motoring for about 1:45 minutes) the engine overheated due to lack of water pump turning. Since we were motorsailing I simply shut it down when the alarm sounded (by chance I was sitting at the helm surveying for passing ships, of which I saw none).

Upon inspection I determined that the water pump belt idler/tensioner pulley had broken off. The pulley was bolted to a thick SS plate that was welded to the Stbd alternator bracket. The plate broke not the weld. It is possible the alignment of the idler pulley was not *perfect*. I also found black belt dust around the area beneath the belt indicating the pulley may not have been properly aligned and the belt had been rubbing on the cheeks of the pulley. Irrelevant now of course, but interesting.

We are currently 312nm NW of Cabo San Lucas, Baja, Mexico sailing in about 8-13k true on a heading of 105m. We are making only about 5k right now, but earlier in the morning before the wind abated we were doing 7.5k in nice 17k breeze. So I have no idea how long it will take to reach Cabo but we hope the wind will pick up again and we can make better time! Somewhere between 48 and 72 hours though seems fair.

The problem can be fixed easily by a competent welder. The pulley can easily be welded back onto the alt. bracket. Of course, I have no such equipment aboard. We expect we can find a welder in Cabo - we'll call for a tow when we approach the harbor since we cannot sail into a slip! A minor setback. Voyagers travelled the globe for centuries without engines! Some even persist in that mode today (Luddites!)