April 19

The night was passed pleasantly with steady winds and an easy motion. Winds were from the SE at 12-16k and seas were from the SE as well about 4ft. This morning conditions remained the same and at Noon we are now 330nm from Hiva Oa making 7k over ground on course. Winds remain about 11-14k from the SE and the seas are SE 4ft as last night.

During the day wind was steady at 10-13k from the SE and we were making between 6 - 7.5k the whole day. The heat is still on at 6 degrees South but we are making good time we feel. The seas remained relatively calm and swell is more from the East at 3-4ft.

At about 5pm local we landed our fitst Tuna. While we were reeling it in the wind increased to 18k suddenly and we ran off downwind while dealing with the fish. By the time we had it filleted and stashed in the reefer the wind had died down to 10k and backed to the ENE. This put is beam to the swells and the ride got less comfortable.

At 8pm the wind is back in the SE at 11-13k and we are making 6.5k over ground on a course of 205M. Sea state remains the same and the skies are cloudy. We had an excellent dinner of fish (cooked with garlic butter) and rice with tomatos (still fresh!). We are now 270nm from Hiva Oa.