April 18

By 2am, small rain showers were passing over us regularly and each time the wind increased to 20k and then decreased back to 15-18k. We were making a steady 9k or better and the seas had picked up only a bit to 4-6ft. The skies were mostly clear with occasional rain showers until sunrise when the wind dialed back a bit to 13-15k.

At 9am we coontinue to make 8-9k (or better) over ground in a 13-15k wind from the SE. We are on a close reach with the main and genoa set loose. The wind must be gusting over 18k to keep us moving this fast I think. The sun is out and there appear to be no more rain showers in the distance, its very hot outside already and the crew will remain below as much as possible today.

Until 3pm we sailed at 7-8k in winds form the SE 11-14k. At about 3pm the wind began to die down and by 3:30 we had 8k and were motorsailing on a heading of 214M making 8.5k over ground at 1700rpms. We expect the wind to pick up soon and will return to sailing at that time. We have only used 2 of our 5 fuel tanks so far and feel we can afford to burn more now that we are less then 500 miles out.

At 4:15 another squall came up and with it the wind. We are sailing again at 7.5 - 8k in 15-18k wind from the SE. The seas are building a bit and are from the SE at about 6-8ft.