April 17

The Queen Jane is now less then 700nm from Hiva Oa! At 8am local time (16:00UT) we are sailing SE on a heading of 212M making 5.5k over ground in 10k wind from the SE. The seas are relatively calm with a 3'swell from the SE and the remnant of a NE swell adding to the jumble. The skies are clear (20% cloud cover) and the sun is getting up promising another scorcher at the equator! We are currently at 1 18S so we are still very close to the line.

At about 5pm some squalls came in and with them the wind picked up a bit to 11k and we were making about 6.5k over ground till sunset. After a big squall went by with 20k winds at around 6pm the wind steadied up around 14k and we were off making 7.5 - 8k or better. The seas remained light at 3-4ft from the SE.