April 16

Sailed all night with wind 10k from the East under main and genoa alone. Speed was about 5.5k over ground, the skies clear and the seas were calm except for the swell.

At 9am we raised the mizzen and then put up the spinnaker. We are on a course of 207M and are making between 7-8k over ground in the same 9-11k wind we had last night. The seas remain calm. The asymetrical spinnker is flying very far forward with the wind about 90-100 degrees off the bow - could never be done with a traditional spinnaker.

At 2:25pm local time we are at 00 2.5N - 2.5nm from the Equator. Hot is the only word which comes to mind. We are making 6.5k on a course of 215M (we are not heading Due South so we must cover 4.5nm to get to the equator even though it is only 2.5nm South of us) and expect to cross the line in about 40 minutes.

After sunset we decided to strike the spinnaker for the night as the wind seemed to be increasing. It was a good thing we did because I found the spinnaker tack line almost completely chafed through! If that had given way in the night it would have been a big problem for us.

At 10pm we are on a heading of 211M in 13k wind from the SE. We are making about 6-6.5k over ground and the seas are very calm with a slight swell from the SE. Thankfully the sunset has brought cool temperatures.