April 14

At 2:30am local time we shut down the engine and rolled out the genoa again in only 9k of wind. The seas are calm and wind is from the East. The skies are partly cloudy with about 50% cloud cover and the night is beautiful only 4degrees 21minutes from the equator.

We motored most of the morning in between attempts to sail. At around noon the wind started to build and at 12:30 we completed the repairs and re-installation of the Monitor Wind vane self-steering gear. The gear had broken over 10 days ago and could not be fixed until calm weather allowed one of the crew to go over the stern to remove the broken part for repair. We are all overjoyed that the Simrad/Robertson AutoPilot we have did not let us down for one moment and steered almost continuously for 10 days.

At 12:45pm local time the Queen Jane is again under sail making good 6k over ground in about 13k wind from the SSW - about 200M. We were foolishly hoping the SE trade winds (if indeed that is what we are beginning to experience) would blow more from the SE then SW, but whatever... We are on a course of 254M which is hardly the direction we would like to be going, but we will continue this way hoping for a wind shift.

Wind decreased to 10k and backed to the ESE around midnight. Seas calm, skies clear. Really nice night.