April 10

We continued through the night like a freight train. Perhaps we were a tad overcanvassed, but I hate reefing at night and felt the situation was acceptable so on we went. We had a single reefed main, a mizzen (no reefs) and no headsail. With this combo we do have a bit of weather helm and I suspect I should work to reduce it so as to reduce the work for the Autopilot. We have been making 7-9k over ground as we surf down one wave and up the next. Seas seem larger this morning, perhaps 12-15ft and the sky remains 100% overcast, dark and gray.

We are proceeding on a course of 227M and making about 220 over the ground towards our waypoint at the North boundry of the ITCZ. We now plan to head for 5N 125W rather then 3N 135W as many of the other boats are doing. We feel that crossing at 135W would leave you hard on the wind in the SE trades for the final leg. Crossing further East makes the SE trades into a beam reach. We are about 480nm from that point now and 1,680nm from Hiva Oa in the Marquesas.

At around 11am we took down the mizzen and put up the poled-out jib on the stb side. We are continuing SW on a heading of 225M in 10-12ft seas and continuing overcast.

At 5pm we have modified our course somwhat to the West as the wind continues to veer to the NNE (it was more Northerly in the AM). We are now on a heading of 240M in about 15-18k wind from the NNE.