April 4

We made good progress this morning till about 6am when the winds dropped to 7-10k and our speed dropped to about 4-5k. The skies have cleared but were overcast during the night.

At 9am the wind remained the same and we are making between 4-5k over ground. The swell remains from the NW at about 4'.

In the early afternoon the wind increased to about 10-12k and we started moving a bit faster. By 5pm the wind had built to 14-18k and we were moving at 8+ knots over ground on a heading of about 230M having altered course a bit to the South to reduce the heeling.

At 11:30pm we continue to rocket along at 8+ knots in winds from 12-18k. The skies remain overcast and seas are running about 6ft from the NW. Our current heading is 226M and we are flying the genoa partially furled and the sheets eased a bit with the wind about 90 degrees off the beam.

If tonight is like the last this will continue till about 4am and then begin to taper off. By daybreak we should have light winds between 6-10k.