April 1

We left the marina this morning at 9:30 and proceeded to the fuel dock at Opequimar one last time. We bought some ice and got under way again at 10:30. We left the port and headed NW for Punta de Mita on the Northern edge of Bahia Banderas under power making appx. 6k over ground in dead air and air temperature of about 80f. The wind has now increased to about 4k from the WSW but it is only 8nm to Pta. Mita so we will continue motoring (we are running the engine at low rpms for fuel economy).

We arrived at Pta. Mita at about 12:15pm local time and immediately set our clocks BACK an hour to accommodate the fact that we are now in the Mountain time zone - one hear behind Puerto Vallarta. Of course now in the USA, Mountain time is one hour later then here are since Mexico has postponed the end of daylight savings time till the end of April and the USA has ended daylight savings time on 4./1. Clear? After we leave Pta. de Mita we will move our "local" clocks ahead one hour to be in sync with the USA.