December 27

We raised the anchor this morning at just after 5am, right at the peak of high tide. We motored out of the Wide Bay Harbor and across the bar at about 6am sharp. Conditions are very calm with less then 5k of wind from the NNE. The sea at the bar was peaceful with only a 1ft swell from the NE. The shallowest point on the bar was about 18ft – we had updated waypoints from the Tin Can Bay (volunteer) coast guard as our chart is from 2001 and the bar is constantly shifting, the leads being changed to accommodate the shifting bar. Skies are cloudy with heavy cloud visible to the East and Southeast but it appears to be clearing. The total distance to Mooloolaba is 60 miles and we hope to be in before 2pm.  

It is now 8am and we have 40 miles to run to reach the entrance to Mooloolaba harbor. Conditions remain very, very calm with less then 5k of wind the direction of which cannot be determined as our speed over ground is 7.5k. We are motoring (with main sail raised) at about 1750rpms so it is clear we have at least a knot or 1 ½k of current assisting us. Our nav-o-computer predicts arrival at Mooloolaba at 1:30pm if we maintain this speed.  

At 11am conditions remain unchanged. Wind remains light at 5-10k from the ENE. We are motor sailing at 7.5k over ground. We are just now passing the resort town of Noosa and have 17 miles remaining to reach Mooloolaba.. We expect to arrive at about 1:30pm. We just passed through a massive school of fish which we could see jumping, thousands of birds on the surface feeding on smaller bait fish and not one bite on our line.  

We pulled into Mooloolaba Harbor at about 1:20pm and headed to the “center” of town. The anchorage was very crowded and the water shallow so it took a while for us to find a spot we could accept. Finally we anchored in front of of all the other boats (about 2 dozen) preactially right in the channel. No matter, we are leaving tomorrow morning early.