December 25

We raised the anchor at about 2pm, departing the Susan River for Garry’s Anchorage . The total distance is about 18 miles and winds its way through the curvey and narrow Great Sandy Strait ’s most narrow and shallow parts. In one spot we had only 10ft of water below us.  

Conditions are windy with 15-20k from the ENE. Sea conditions within the strait are always calm as the narrow waterway is surrounded on both sides by shoals and sand banks. The skies are partly cloudy with about 35% cover. With a partial jib unfurled and no main sail we are making 8.5 – 9k over ground with a strong current helping to propel us.

We arrived at Garry’s Anchorage at about 4:30pm and anchored in very shallow water of 13ft at high tide. Wind has increased to 20-25k reaching 30k at times. Cloud cover has increased to about 60% and it appears as if thunderstorms are coming this evening.