December 3

We ended up staying at Island Head Creek for 3 days as the weather closed in on us after the first day and we had solid overcast for two days. Today we waited until the tide changed at about 10am and left Island Head Creek bound for Port Clinton, a place which sounds like a bustling seaport and town but which is really am uninhabited bay with shoaling water taking up much of the space. The distance to Port Clinton is only 14 miles, but, the next days run is 48 miles from Port Clinton, so its worth it to make tomorrow’s sail a bit shorter.

Not much wind, skies are clear and sunny. We are dead downwind much of the way and motor sail. We arrive at Port Clinton at about 2pm and anchor in 16ft of water just off the North facing beach at the top of the bay. A swell from the NE enters the bay by wrapping around the point but the brisk wind in the 18-22k range keeps us pointing upwind and the stern directly into the swell, so it is very comfortable nonetheless.