October 29

Today at about 10am we raised the anchor and motored across the Mbengga lagoon to the island of Yanutha about 7 miles to the West. The wind was about 10-15k from the NE and the seas were calm (we never left the lagoon). The sky was clear and sunny and of course warm.

The island of Yanutha is only about 3 miles long and about 1 mile wide and sits at the Western end of the lagoon. There is a "surf camp" on shore and about 5 or 6 surfers are staying there. They take them out to the reef where the surf breaks each day and they stay in small thatched roof huts.

We plan to remain here for 4 or 5 days and dive on the reef. The anchorage is only about a mile from the reef and when we arrived we saw 4 dive boats (from resorts in the area) anchored on the reef. Tomorrow morning I plan to dinghy out while they are anchored and talk to them about which sites are the best. Dragon Lady is expected here tomorrow and they will watch Jonah for us while we dive!