October 27

At 4:30am we are app. 11nm from Mbengga. We are motoring at 6.5k and will arrive off the pass at 6:25 according to the Nav-O-Computer. The sailing didn't last long. Last night we motor sailed South into the wind till we turned the corner to the West at Suva (the SE corner of Viti Levu). We sailed for an hour after that till the wind died then the motor went back on. The seas are very calm and the wind is 8-10k, still from the SE.

We arrived an Vanga Bay at about 7:30 and anchored in 50ft of water. The bay is lovely and placid. A small village sits at the head and our first task is to visit the Chief to present the Sevusevu - a ceremonial gift of Kava root (Yangonna Waka). The custom is one which has been practiced in Fiji for centuries and is required before you are considered welcome to visit the area. This includes swimming, diving, visiting the beach, etc. All the land around the village is owned by the village and the head man must be shown the proper courtesy or you will not be welcome to stay. We also must show him our cruising permit we received in Savusavu.