October 13

Conditions today were much the same as yesterday, except that we had some sunshine a good part of the day. Winds in the morning were 25-30k and seas were running 13-15ft. We kept the main double reefed and let out the entire genoa and made between 6.5 and 8k over ground hovering most of the time at 7.2-7.5k. The skies were about 60-80% over cast but the sun was hot and bright when it was out so we felt like we had decent weather. In the middle of the day winds dropped to 20-25k and the seas diminished slightly.

It is now 3:30pm local time and winds are inching back up to 25-30k and seas rising commensurately. We are reconsidering our destination in Australia and will most likely sail direct to Brisbane instead of Bundaberg which is about 160 miles North of Brisbane, though we may ultimately decide on Bundaberg just to shorten the passage. We can always work down to Brisbane later in day hops (Brisbane is our eventual goal and where we plan to spend the summer).

Forecasts for the next few days call for the wind to diminish to the 10-15k range and we are looking forward to this eagerly as it will also mean reduced seas which will make us all more comfortable. Jonah is doing fine today, though he had a bout of seasickness yesterday before we turned West to Australia.