October 9

This morning at 8am we raised the anchor and moved the boat from in front of the Cousteau resort to the anchorage at Savusavu. It took about 45 minutes to motor the 3 miles and we arrived at about 9:30am. We picked up one of the many mooring bouys and immediately officials came alongside to clear us in. In the cockpit we filled out papers with men from Customs, Immigration, Health, Agriculture and Port Security, each one with their own set of forms. By 10:45 we were done and they welcomed us to Fiji and left.

We plan to go into the town and look around, visit the Copra Shed Marina to pay for the usage of the mooring and then visit the agent who will assist us with completing yet more forms needed to secure a cruising permit allowing us to visit other ports in Fiji. The government of Fiji is very strict about cruising yachts visiting certain islands which they wish to remain unaffected by western culture and visitors and some are strictly off limits. We asked the Customs man about the islands we wished to visit and he confirmed that none of them were off limits and said we will have no problems getting permits for them.