October 7

The wind was light during the night and by dawn we were making only 5.4k over ground in 12-14k wind. Our course has veered more and more downwind and this is a slower point of sail for us. At 7am the wind is 10k from the ENE and we are motorsailing on a heading of 274M on the final leg into SavuSavu. We are just passing Taevuni about 3 miles to our North. We have 45nm to go and expect to arrive at 1:30pm.

By 9am the wind had died to less then 3k and all sails were struck. We have been motoring since then and it is now 12 noon and we have 15miles to go to. The wind came up to 10k and we unrolled the genoa so technically we are motorsailing, though it seems very little boost is being gained from it.

By noon the wind came up again to 15k and we unrolled the genoa for the last 10 miles into SavuSavu. As we approached SavuSavu we hailed "Chewink" on the CHF (a boat we met in Fr. Pol.) and they advised us that tomorrow (Monday) is a holiday (Fiji Independence Day apparently) and that we might consider anchoring off the Cousteau Resort just outside SavuSavu to avoid landing on off hours (clearing customs and immigration on a Sunday is always a hassle in any country and always involves extra charges. We are now anchored just off the resort in 50ft of water. We plan to go ashore as soon as we organize things aboard.